Acrobat injured in unsafe workplace

Cirque du Soleil star acrobat Daniel Crispin says he received multiple serious spinal injuries, amongst others, while working for the company between 2015-2017.

Daniel says that the set was not safe behind the scenes and on one occasion ended up with a traumatic brain injury following three concussions in the space of two weeks. This was followed by a fall at home after blacking out. The company did not arrange for Daniel to have any neck scans and after a period of recovery he returned to work.

Some months later after reintegrating back into work Daniel suffered a whiplash incident that left him dazed and unsure if he could finish the show. Following this, symptoms began plaguing Daniel and he required pain killers every show.

Finally scans showed seven injured spinal disks, nerve damage, a torn bicep and osteoarthritis leading to Daniel’s first surgery in 2017 paid for by Cirque du Soleil but that was it. Since then Daniel has required at least seven procedures as well as continuous rehab which he has paid for himself. Cirque Du Soleil refuse to acknowledge that Daniel’s spinal injuries came from his time with the company as there was no specific accident event that was reported in relation to his injuries.

At The Firm Law Group we commonly represent clients who have been injured in the course of their employment without a single specific traumatic event. In fact this is equally as common as people who have been injured in a one-off incident.  If you have been injured over the course of time in your employment you most likely have rights to compensation. Call The Firm Law Group today for a free assessment of your case.

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