Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health issues arising out of workplace incidents continue to be a major problem for employees across almost every industry in Australia. A common experience for those affected is a compensation system that is often slow to react or recognise that an employee is struggling often with disastrous consequences for both the employee and those they work with.

At The Firm Law Group our experience is that mental health injuries are not necessarily associated with high stress jobs like lawyers, doctors and management but also across the whole ambit of occupations including manual labour occupations.

It is often not until someone seeks help that they start to get control back over their life. What a lot of people do not realise is that help comes in many ways, not just medical.

We find that many people experience significant financial hardship in conjunction with their mental health injury which only makes their problems worse. Accessing compensation can often be problematic which impacts an injured employee’s mental health further.

In the article below accessed via the link our Mr Chrara comments further on the issue of lack of support for injured workers who have suffered psychological injuries in the workplace.