Workplace deaths all too common

Deaths in the workplace are occurring too often and almost all could easily be prevented if employers undertook basic measures to protect workers from these tragic events. On average 100-200 workers are killed in Australia each year and the statistics are not improving.

In 2016 Mr Da Silva was working as a formwork foreman on a construction site in Ryde when he fell 3m onto steel reinforcing starter bars sustaining fatal injuries. The impact on his family has been devastating. For the families, the penalty faced by corporations guilty of negligence is not nearly enough to be satisfied that what happened to their loved ones won’t happen to someone else.

Workplace deaths and injuries are especially common in the construction industry and many believe that not enough is being done to bring the statists down.

The collapse of a roofing structure recently at Curtain University brings home the reality that despite strict OH&S standards and statutory compliance accidents continue to occur injuring and killing people across Australia. For the victims and their families the government rhetoric that almost always follows only adds to the pain and frustration at the lack of action by the authorities.

For more commentary by our Mr Chrara on the issue please visit the link below.