James Chrara

Director – Principal Lawyer

James was the NSW General Manager of a National law firm for over 10 years and has been instrumental in successfully growing and developing law practices across the country.

James appreciates and acknowledges the trust placed in him as a lawyer and the genuine privilege it is to act as a client’s lawyer and advocate. He is passionate about giving his clients an opportunity to be heard and to tell their stories.

James has acted for many deserving clients on a number of major claims and high profile cases, including on behalf of a number of ex-Cronulla Sharks players involved in an illegal supplement program in 2011 and in a Class Action for the Survivors of the Quakers Hill Nursing Home Fire. James has also acted for many deserving family law client’s and successfully obtained rare search orders and non-disclosed assets.

James has made numerous appearances in the media, including The Project (Channel 10), ABC News 24, Fox Sports, ABC Radio, The Sydney Morning Herald (Fairfax) and other national publications.

“In many instances clients only get one opportunity in their lives to tell their story and either make a claim for compensation, resolve a family law dispute or litigate. It is crucial that the job is done in full with the goal of maximising outcomes for our clients.” James Chrara

I have had the good fortune of working with Christopher Sutton and Soren Bakic for over 10 years. We have conducted numerous matters together and whilst doing so, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand their passion for their clients and their experience as skilled lawyers in achieving remarkable results truly changing people’s lives. There was no question that they would be make a formidable team in any legal action and am proud to have them as business partner.

James is a member Law Society of New South Wales, Queensland Law Society, Australian Lawyers Alliance and a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and a solicitor the High Court of Australia, and for over 20 years has developed a broad range of experience practicing in several areas of the law in across Australia. James’ strong focus has always been a desire to deliver meaningful and life changing outcomes for his clients.

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