Soren Bakic

Director - Principal Lawyer

Soren has dedicated his 20-year career to helping clients achieve success across a broad range of matters from conveyancing, commercial disputes and family law through to complex litigation involving multiple parties. Soren understands that each client comes to him with legal problems that are unique to their personal circumstance and focusses on finding cost effective solutions specific to their individual needs.

Soren began his career working with an inner-city general practice that was foundational in developing his skills in helping clients across a broad range of practice areas including property law, family law, commercial disputes and personal injury litigation. Following this Soren worked in-house for a major insurance company before moving to work in dedicated defendant insurance litigation practices.

In 2011 Soren commenced working with a large plaintiff litigation practice where he was employed as both legal practice manager and special counsel. It was during this time that Soren had the privilege of practising with co-partners Christopher Sutton and James Chrara and quickly came to admire their tenacity, ability to navigate complex legal problems and shared desired to do the absolute best for each client.

In 2020 Soren, together with partners Chris and James founded The Firm Law Group after identifying an opportunity to combine each other’s individual strengths and skills to provide high quality legal representation in a way that positively and meaningfully deals with each client’s legal issues.

Soren is a highly experienced negotiator with a very strong commercial acumen and a well proven ability to strategically find his clients the most cost-effective solution.

Soren is a member Law Society of New South Wales, a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and a solicitor of the High Court of Australia.

“Every client who contacts a lawyer has a problem that they need help with. It is my job as a lawyer to fully understand the depth and nature of the problem and how that affects my client. It is my absolute privilege as a lawyer to be able to assist my clients in finding solutions that deal with their problem and make a positive impact in their life”. Soren Bakic

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